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5th grade geometry

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Finding the Area of a Triangle

Practice calculating the area of triangles with this worksheet. Your child will use basic multiplication and division skills to find the area of each triangle.

Area of a Rectangle #2

What do reading and math have in common? It takes geometry to find the area of the surface of a book, magazine or notebook!

Rectangle Algebra: Find the Missing Length

Introduce your child to algebra with this 5th grade worksheet in which your child will use algebraic equations to find the missing length of each rectangle.

Area of a Square #2

Robotics requires math. All these robots need is for you to calculate the area of their square bodies.

Area of a Trapezoid #1

There's more to cars than driving! Practice calculating the area of a trapezoid using these colorful cars as a guide.

Mystery Picture Graph #2

This mysterious math sheet is full of fun for your geometry student! He'll plot these points on a coordinate grid to reveal a picture.

Triangle Area Puzzle

Does your child need a little more practice finding the area of a triangle? This worksheet will give her all the practice she needs!

Mystery Picture Graph #1

Have a little fun with graphing practice in the big city! Math students will love plotting points on this coordinate grid as they see a mystery picture emerge.

Surface Area Smackdown: Round 3

Your child will determine the winner of each boxing match by figuring out which box has the most surface area.

Aye, Aye, Area: #3

This fun geometry worksheet provides essential practice in finding the area of a triangle.

Surface Area Smackdown: Round 1

Make surface area fun with this "boxing" match worksheet. Each box has a different surface area, and the biggest box is the winner!

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