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Great Seal of the United States

Chances are, your 2nd grader has seen the Great Seal of the United States all over the place. Help her learn more about it with this worksheet!

Rhyme Connection 31

Your preschooler will love learning about words with this Rhyme Connection worksheet. She'll use pictures and letters to determine which word rhymes with which!

Preschool Addition #3

Help your preschooler get ahead in his math studies with this simple addition worksheet. He'll solve single digit problems that strengthen early math skills.

Rhyme Connection 29

Draw a line between the rhyming words! Rhyming is a perfect preschool pre-reading exercise because it reinforces word sounds and spelling patterns.

National Symbols: The Statue of Liberty

Read the text to this page aloud to your child as she colors, and talk about your family's heritage. Did her ancestors sail past The Statue of Liberty?

How Tall Are They: Writing Instruments

This measurement worksheet will let your child learn to measure objects, practice counting, identifying colors and recalling objects.

Rhyme Connection 16

Match the words that rhyme! This simple preschool rhyming worksheet helps develop skills in letter recognition, phonics, spelling, and reading comprehension.

Preschool Addition #19

Your preschooler will work through simple addition problems in this math worksheet. Help your preschool student get a head start on addition with our worksheet.

Rhyme Connection 2

This preschool worksheet uses words and pictures to help your child practice rhyming simple words. Do just one, a few, or all forty Rhyme Connection worksheets!

Preschool Addition #18

Help your preschooler learn the basics of math with these simple addition problems and flashcards.

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