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How Fiber Optics Work: Total Internal Reflection

Kids learn how fiber optics work with a dramatic total internal reflection experiment using a fish tank, water, and a laser pointer.

Face Recognition and Race

This project explores if people more easily distinguish between faces of people of their own race or ethnicity compared to those of other races or ethnicities.

Evaluating Choice Blindness: Do You Know What You Want?

This experiment evaluates whether the phenomenon of "choice blindness" occurs more often with men or women.

Is Whining the Most Annoying Sound Ever?

This project compares test subjects' responses to whining and other "attachment" and attention-getting sounds to determine which sounds are most distracting.

Who Is Most Likely to Demonstrate Inattentional Blindness?

This experiment observes inattentional blindness and investigates whether certain age groups or genders are more likely to demonstrate this phenomenon.

Free Falling

Demonstrate Newton's laws of motion by examining the relationship between mass, force, and acceleration during free-fall.

Do Subliminal Messages Work?

In this experiment, students create music with subliminal messaging to try to influence people's decision-making.

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