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St Patrick's Day Workbook

Choose Download This Collection. Then print custom pages 3,1,2,4-42 (after 42 is answer sheets) & print double sided/both sides, flip on long edge, portrait. If using cardstock as covers stack 1pg card, 19pgs normal, 1pg card. Makes upper elementary St. Patrick's Day workbook with Happy St. Patrick's Day drawing on front cover, title page inside cover, contents as first page & this time the cut out craft is on the inside of back cover- with a pot of gold drawing on the back.
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Clover Coloring Page

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this coloring page, which features a bounty of clovers bursting from a hat.

St. Patrick's Day Traditions

Teach your little leprechaun about the various St. Patrick's Day traditions and other fun parts of this special Irish heritage day.

The Great St. Patrick's Day Word Search!

This advanced-level St. Patrick's Day word search challenges your kid to find words like "shamrock." See if you can complete this St. Patrick's Day word search.

St. Patrick's Day Word Problems

Try your luck at these St. Patrick's Day word problems! Your first grader will be building his reading skills as he practices addition.

St. Patrick's Word Search

Enjoy a word search in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day! These holiday words will build your child's vocabulary and spelling.

St. Patrick's Day History

Use what you already know about St. Patrick's Day (and learn some new fun facts as well) with this St. Patrick's Day crossword.

St. Patrick's Day Multiplication #1

Collect all of these lucky clovers by solving these multiplication tables! Your little math whiz can get started on memorizing his times tables.

St. Patrick's Day Jokes

Looking for a good list of Saint Patrick's Day jokes? Well click right here!

St. Patrick's Day Division #1

Collect all of these lucky clovers by solving each simple division problem! Your little math whiz can get a great review of his times tables.

Castle McGillicutty Maze

The Irish Castle McGillicutty is under attack! Your little messenger must find his way through three maze levels to deliver the news to the king.

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