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Easter Lang Arts Workbook (Upper Elementary)

Select Download This Collection to download as a set/workbook. Print custom pages 3,1,2,4-36 (pages after 36 are answer sheets) and print double sided/both sides, flip on long edge, portrait. If using cardstock as covers stack 1pg card, 16pgs normal, 1pg card. Makes upper elementary Easter math workbook with the Happy Easter drawing as the cover page, title page as inside cover, then contents on front of first page and  a cut out craft as the back cover.
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Printable Easter Activities: Easter Egg Hunt

Your preschooler will be engaged in this coloring activity featuring a scene of a child his own age participating in an Easter egg hunt.

History of Easter

Ever wonder why we hunt for Easter eggs? Discover how this spring holiday was started with this interesting look at the history of Easter.

Easter Grammar

Make Easter a bit brighter with some sweet and colorful adjectives! This holiday worksheet will help your little bunny learn the basics of nouns and adjectives.

Easter Writing Prompt

Can you imagine what it's like to be the Easter Bunny? Get your child in the Easter mood with this fun writing prompt!

Easy Easter Crossword

Get into the mood of Spring with this colorful and easy crossword puzzle. Your kid can fill in the Easter-related words, and get some handwriting practice too.

Easter Noun & Adjectives #2

Brighten your parts of speech practice with an Easter-themed worksheet! Little learners will read each sentence and identify adjectives and nouns.

Easter Creative Writing #2

Getting your child in the Easter mood is not a problem with this writing prompt! Challenge her to think back on her favorite Easter memory and write about it.

Easter Word Scramble

These Easter eggs are hiding the answers to the word scramble. Can you unscramble the letters to reveal words related to Easter?

Easter Noun & Adjectives #3

Bring the spirit of Easter into grammar practice with this holiday parts of speech worksheet. Students will identify all the adjectives in each sentence.

Easter Creative Writing #3

Why do we celebrate Easter? Encourage your child to practice her creative writing skills by answering this holiday question.

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