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Water Ring Toss

Bring the fun carnival game of ring toss to your home pool with this watery twist on the classic game.

Pool Basketball

What do you get when you cross a pool, water balloons and hula hoops? Pool Basketball, an exciting summer game perfect for kids of all ages.

Raft Race

Grab some rope and a couple of rafts and you're ready to play Rope Rush, an exciting race game for the pool!

Water Golf

What do a pool, a raft and a golf club have in common? They are all integral ingredients in the fun game of Aqua Golf, a great activity for kids of all ages.

Make a Splash with a Sponge Toss Relay

Have a splash of a time with this exciting pool competition. Just grab a sponge, head to the pool, and you're ready to have a Sponge Relay Race!

Cruise Ship: A Pool Relay

Challenge your child to an exciting race across the pool and engage him in a game of Cruise Ship. Grab some plastic figures, hop in the pool, and you're set.

Wet Clothes Relay

Cool down this summer with a wet clothes relay, and get the whole family involved for some real summer fun!

Steal the Bacon

Are you looking for a fun pool game that doesn't require a lot of heavy accessories? Try Steal the Bacon, a creative form of tag your child is sure to love.

Water Balloon Tag

Who needs a pool when you can play water balloon tag? Cool down this summer with a game that mixes hot potato, water balloons and freeze tag.

Cat and Mouse Game

Are you looking for an easy-to-play, fun game? Try Cat and Mouse. All you need is a large bed sheet or tablecloth, a "cat" and a "mouse", and you're all set.

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