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Heart Bouquet

Give the gift of hearts with this special Valentine's Day card.

Valentine's Day Coupons

Valentine's Day coupons get your child to stretch his imagination and budget for the holiday. Make Valentine's Day coupons for friends and family this February.

Homemade Valentine's Gift

Invite your first grader to create this "layers of love" keepsake for that special someone! It holds a sweet, personal message for the recipient.

Valentine Party Blower Messages

Here's a hilarious alternative to those sugary conversation hearts...and a way to keep building first grade literacy skills while you're at it!

Stack Those Hearts!

All you and your kid need for this entertaining game are some conversation hearts, a candy that's practically synonymous with Valentine's Day!

Secret Valentine Message Handbag

This is the perfect way to send a love note to your favorite Valentine! Your child can decorate a crepe paper bag for a secret message.

Dog Valentine Card

Dog valentine cards are perfect for the pet lover in your life. Make a dog valentine card with your child this February.

Heart Tree

Create a little magic with this special craft that transforms a regular paper tree into a Valentine masterpiece.

Heart Art

Set your child's creative spirit free with heart art! He'll experiment placing hearts in patterns, designs, and configurations to make this 'heartfelt' art.

Valentine Garland

A valentine garland makes any home look more lovely on Valentine's Day. Craft a simple valentine garland with your child to add some heart to your day.

Heart Chain

This heart chain will help spread the love on Valentine's Day. Help your child make a colorful heart chain for your home or classroom this Valentine's Day.

Make Kitchen Sponge Heart Cards

In this activity, kids use sponges to make textured stamps for homemade, artistic Valentine's Day cards.

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