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Write Halloween Adjectives

How do make a scary story even more haunting? By adding some spooky adjectives! Get some practice adding adjectives to these sentences.

Complete a White House Maze!

Challenge your third grader to complete this perplexing maze modeled after the White House.

Identifying Adjectives: Halloween

Here's a ghoulish grammar sheet to help your child practice identifying adjectives! She'll need to find the adjectives in each sentence.

Halloween Words: Adjectives

Build vocabulary with a ghostly grammar sheet, featuring Halloween adjectives! Your child will choose the right adjective to go with each sentence.

Halloween Adjective Practice

Hone your haunting writing skills this Halloween with a ghostly grammar sheet! This will help your child practice adding adjectives to sentences.

Find the Halloween Adjective

Ghostly grammar students, practice identifying adjectives with this spooky sheet! Your child will circle the adjective in each sentence.

Find the Nouns

Practice parts of speech the fun way, with some Halloween nouns. Students must find and underline all the nouns in these spooky sentences.

Halloween Adjectives

Take a stab at this haunting Halloween grammar sheet, where your child will find the adjective that describes each underlined noun.

Halloween Math: Simple Multiplication 2

Help your third grader along his way to conquering multiplication with numbers up to 100 this school year.

Presidential Name Scramble

This great brain teaser challenges your child to unscramble president names and a riddle. It's a fun Presidents Day worksheet featuring Mount Rushmore!

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