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Learning Prefixes

Help your third grader wrap her head around prefixes with this worksheet that asks her to attach the right prefix to a set of root words.

Word Detective

Hunting for a worksheet to help your child improve his vocabulary? This printable uses context clues to teach new words.

Prefixes: Get It Started!

Kids completing this third grade reading and writing worksheet learn the meaning of three prefixes. Then they choose the right prefix to complete each sentence.

Reading Comprehension: What Do You Think?

Looking for a worksheet that practices reading comprehension? This printable is great for kids that need help with their reading skills.

Context Clues: Word Sleuth

This third grade reading worksheet offers practice using context clues to determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word in a sentence.

There, Their, or They're?

There, their, and they're: They're tricky to many people! This worksheet explains the difference. Then, kids choose the right word to complete each sentence.

Grammar Basics: Compound Words, Contractions, & Abbreviations

Challenge your child to to identify compound words, contractions, and abbreviations in a short story.

Subject and Predicate Worksheet

This subject and predicate worksheet challenges kids to find the subjects and predicates in text. Use this subject and predicate worksheet with your child.

Thanksgiving Nouns and Adjectives #4

Put a holiday spin on grammar practice with this worksheet. Your child will get to read some fun facts about Thanksgiving as he reviews his parts of speech.

Analogies Worksheet: We're Related!

This analogies worksheet helps children compare two unlike things. Try our analogies worksheet with your third grader to strengthen reading and writing skills.

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