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Context Clues Worksheet: Word Mystery

Context clues worksheets help your child read between the lines. Try this context clues worksheet with your young reader to help him infer based on text.

Similes: Easy as Pie

If someone looses their glasses, are they as blind as a bee or a bat? This fill-in-the-blank worksheet introduces your child to popular similes.

Vocabulary Practice: Alphabetizing, Synonyms, and More

This well-rounded quiz covers a range of vocabulary topics, from alphabetical order and root words to synonyms and antonyms.

Prefixes: Negative Nancy

Kids completing this third grade reading and writing worksheet add one of four prefixes to words to finish sentences about Negative Nancy.

I Before E: Orderly Neighbors

Looking for a worksheet to help your young speller? This printable will help them learn how to spell words with the letters i and e in them.

Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheet

Try this synonyms worksheet with your third grader. This synonyms worksheet gets your child to find words with the same meanings.

Diagramming Sentences

Diagramming sentences is an important skill for beginning writers, and a great way to review parts of speech. Diagram a passage from Wizard of Oz for practice!

Idioms: A Figure of Speech

What does "when pigs fly" mean if pigs can't really fly? Kids use context clues to learn the meanings of common idioms on this third grade reading worksheet.

Reading for Comprehension: Jason and the Game Show

Get your third grader in the habit of reading closely with this multi-page story featuring questions on the main character, sequencing, and recalling details.

Descriptive Adjectives: Fantastic!

The sentences on this third grade writing worksheet are pretty boring. Kids liven up the sentences by adding descriptive adjectives to the fairy tale nouns.

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