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2nd grade worksheets

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Two-Digit Addition

Is your second grader grappling the concept of adding two-digit numbers together? Practice makes perfect and this Easter-themed math worksheet can help!

Word Problems for Easter!

Celebrate Easter with some math! Your first grader will read word problems and then solve basic addition equations.

Easter Noun & Adjectives #6

Work up your sweet tooth with these Easter sentences! Little writers will learn the basics of identifying nouns and adjectives, all in the spirit of spring.

Easter Word Hunt

Don't just hunt for eggs this Easter, have your kid hunt for words! Practice spelling and vocabulary with this festive worksheet.

Easter Goodies Game

Challenge your little math whiz to a game of strategy and logic. In this Easter-themed game, try to outsmart your opponent and claim the most boxes.

Clock Work: Telling Time

Tick-tock, watch the clock! Help your child practice telling time with an analog clock.

Easter Crossword

Tune in some learning during the spring holidays! Enjoy this challenging Easter crossword puzzle for kids.

St. Patrick's Day Crossword

Go green for St. Patrick's Day with this holiday-themed crossword.

St. Patrick's Day Maze Race

Try your luck at a challenging maze race this St. Patrick's day! Two players will choose a lucky start or lucky finish and navigate the side by side mazes.

St. Patrick's Day Crossword Puzzle

Gear up for St. Patrick's Day with this themed crossword.

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