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Dino Matching Game

Give your kindergartener a chance to learn the names of his favorite dinos with this fun matching game!

Under the Sea Memory Game

Get your little guppies ready for memorizing! This undersea memory game is fun way to introduce and build test-taking skills like memorization.

Visual Memory Game 4

In this memory challenge, your preschooler will have four pictures to memorize, and then she'll try to re-draw the missing parts from memory!

Dinosaur Memory Match

How well does your kindergartener know his dinosaurs? Now he can have a great memory game to help him become a dino expert!

Visual Memory Game 1

Challenge your child's memory with a fun coloring game! She'll try to memorize the colored pictures on the left, and re-draw them without peeking.

Visual Memory Game 3

Prepare your preschooler with some stellar study skills by completing this memory challenge! She'll try to re-draw each picture from memory.

Memory Game: Sports

Give your preschooler a jump-start on his memorization skills with a fun memory match game!

Draw the Missing Parts

Challenge your child's memory with a fun coloring activity! She'll try to memorize the pictures, and then re-draw the missing parts by memory

Farm Animal Matching Game

Can your child name all the animals who live on a farm? Here are two great coloring worksheets that also double as a memory matching game!

Visual Memory Game 2

This memory game also involves coloring! Your child will get to practice memorizing by trying to re-draw the missing parts of these pictures.

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