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Math - K

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Measuring Length: Earthworms

On this first grade math worksheet, kids use a ruler to measure four worms in inches. Then they compare lengths to find the shortest and longest worm.

Weight Comparison

Which animal weighs more? Give your kindergartener practice comparing weights with some familiar animal friends.

Compare Weight

Does an acorn weigh more than a swan? Your kindergartener will learn about comparing weights by ranking from lightest to heaviest.

Measure Using a Ruler

Help your kindergartener learn to measure using instruments with this worksheet. How does each one measure up?

Measuring Inches

Master measuring with a ruler using this straightforward pracic sheet! Help your child understand how to read a ruler to measure inches with accuracy.

Measure Numbers 8 to 10

Here's a great math worksheet, whether your child is working on number recognition or ready for a new challenge like measuring objects!

Measure the Shapes!

Math is at play on this worksheet, to help your child practice the skill of measuring.

Length and Width: Measure School Supplies

Introduce measuring to your kindergartener with this simple and easy worksheet. Use the paper inch ruler to measure the length of each school supply.

Ruler Measurements: Measure the Carrots

Find out how long each carrot is by cutting out the ruler and using it to measure each carrot.

Ruler Measurements: Measure the Flowers

Find out how long each flower is by cutting out the paper ruler and using it to measure each flower.

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