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Preschool Math

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Count, Trace, and Color: Two

Count, trace, and color two Christmas trees in this preschool worksheet. Kids will exercise academic and motor skills in this Christmas-themed worksheet.

Count, Trace, and Color: Three

This worksheet is loaded with learning, and a fun coloring activity too!

Spelling Numbers: One

This worksheet is loaded with learning, plus a fun coloring activity!

Thanksgiving Math: Simple Addition #3

Visual learners will eat up this Thanksgiving math worksheet. Full of pumpkins, our math exercises get your kid to solve by counting Thanksgiving icons.

Sudoku for Kids: Thanksgiving

Solve this Thanksgiving Sudoku puzzle by cutting and gluing pictures into the puzzle, with each picture appearing only once in each row, column, and block.

Hop to the Missing Numbers

Challenge your kid to fill in the missing numbers from 1 to 50. This is an essential skill for understanding numbers beyond just counting them from memory.

What Doesn't Belong at School?

Backpack, ice cream cone, pencil, scissors: One of these objects is not an essential school item. Preschoolers identify the object that does not belong.

More or Less School Supplies

Are there more rulers than books? This printable asks your child to compare quantities between groups of school supplies.

Follow the Nickel and Dime Path

A croc needs to reach the cash register! On this prekindergarten math worksheet, kids draw a line along the path with nickels and dimes to get to the register.

Identifying Coins

There are so many coins on this worksheet, but which one is which? Challenge your child with identifying coins.

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