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Adventures in Outer Space

Space-tastic activities and worksheets for a galactic good time.
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Alien Coin Toss Game

This wacky alien coin toss game will offer your child hours of fun. Just print it out, cut and fold along the lines, tape to a table, and start playing!

Spaceship Craft

Help your child make an imaginative, inexpensive spaceship from recycled materials. When the spaceship is ready, count backwards from ten and then BLAST-OFF!

Make a Galaxy Mobile

Pair a planetarium visit with this fun art project that mimics the look of far-off galaxies.

Space Memory Game

Test your first grader's memory with a fun match-up game! Your child will try and match up the pairs from memory when they're face down.

Story Starter: Alien Family Trip

This story starter featuring an alien family trip will engage your second grader in a fun coloring exercise and help strengthen his writing skills!

Make Your Own Flying Saucer

Create a "flying saucer"-type device with your fifth grader to experiment with the principles of electrical charge and induction.

Story Starter: Traveling Alien

This story starter features a traveling alien. Color the picture of the alien inside the spaceship then write a story about his travels on the back of the page

Alien Coloring Page

Welcome to planet Glermxplyzr! Get out those crayons and help your kindergartener make this alien's life a little more colorful.

Color Bookmarks from Space!

Prepare your kid to take off on a new reading adventure with these space-themed bookmarks that are truly out of this world.

Outer Space Picture Puzzle

Your kid will make a simple outer space puzzle. After cutting out the puzzle pieces, he will then put them together in the correct order to complete the scene.

Space Ranger Coloring Page

The universe is in danger! Time to call in the space ranger for some stellar assistance. Have an outer-space adventure with this fun coloring page.

Make a Bedroom Planetarium!

Put an oatmeal box, a flashlight, and some construction paper together and you have the makings of an incredibly cool bedroom planetarium!

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