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Cool Math Games for Kids

Make math fun with these cool math games that kids will love. Take 'em on the road, too, when you're looking for something to keep them happy and occupied in the car.
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Play a Matching Game: Numbers

Your child will practice her counting and number recognition as she matches printed numbers to the same number of repetitions of a simple design.

Matching Shapes Game

In this fun game, your child will be challenged to find the right outline of different abstract shapes.

A Rapid Rounding Game

This kinesthetic game will help your child practice rounding and get the adrenaline rushing!

SAT Math: A Game of Sequence

Recognizing number patterns is an important ability on the SAT. Here's a game that teaches your student some of the most common sequences in mathematics.

Show Me the Money! A Math Guessing Game

A hands-on guessing game that teaches kids to recognize different coins. First graders will learn their money and their math at the same time!

Face-Off! An Integer Card Game

This fun card game is a great way to help your child increase his speed and accuracy when solving integer problems.

Play the Build a Monster Game!

Play this game that lets you create your own silly monster drawing and helps your child practice her counting skills!

Give a Dog a Bone

This fun math game will help develop your child's counting skills and number recognition skills.

Wolfie Wolf! An Outdoor Math Game

Support your first grader's counting and reading skills while laughing and running in this fun playground game.

The Mean, Median, and Mode Card Game

Want to ensure that your child's math knowledge stays sharp? This mean, median, and mode game is the perfect way to reinforce these essential math concepts.

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