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I live to dance. Here are some worksheets that make me wanna BUST A MOVE.
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Hula Coloring Page

This hula coloring page stops in Hawaii. Take a peek at other cultures and places with "Color the World" coloring pages!

Color the World! Flamenco

Travel to Spain and learn all about flamenco, a traditional style of music and dance.

Brazil Coloring Page

Make a stop in Brazil with this geography coloring page. Learn a bit about samba and the country it comes from!

Disco Sheep Story Starter

Ever heard of a dancing sheep? You and your little storyteller can have a blast coming up with a fun story to go along with this illustration.

Dance The Charleston

Learn how to dance the Charleston with this interactive coloring page. After you color the dancer, check out the dance steps on page 2!

Disco Dance Steps

Have you got a case of disco fever? Here's a fun remedy for dancers everywhere! Color in this disco dude, and on page two, learn a disco dance.

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