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Inside Our Earth

Some of my favorite worksheets and activities that explore the fascinating stuff inside our Earth!
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Learn about the Earth's Layers

Kids learn about the Earth's solid and atmospheric layers, then label the diagram with the correct terms in this fifth grade Earth science worksheet.

Do-It-Yourself Earthquake

Learn about lateral earthquake motion and its effect on high rise buildings in this simple 4th grade earth science experiment.

Earth Rocks! Quick Quiz

Take a plunge under the surface of the earth! With this worksheet as your guide, you may explore the geological processes of our planet.

Explore the Layers of the Earth

Use dirt and different colors of craft sand to make unique layers in a clear plastic cup to represent the layers of the Earth.

Color the Earth's Layers!

Dig in to the layers of the earth with this science coloring page!

Layers of the Earth

Peel back the layers of the earth in this earth science worksheet. Can you name all of them?

Earth Science Crossword: Landforms

From glaciers to mountains to wetlands, our planet has lots of different landforms. Help your child learn all about them with this fun earth science crossword.

Earth Word Search

Dig into this fun science worksheet and introduce your budding geologist to some earth science vocabulary.

Know Your Planets: Earth

How much do you know about our home planet? Boost your Earth knowledge with this science printable.

How Tsunamis are Formed

Do you know how Tsunamis are formed? This worksheet shows the physics behind tsunami formation.

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