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Helping Kids Make Friends

Great articles, activities, and worksheets that are all about helping your young child makes friends.
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Fearless Friend Making: Tips to Help Your Child

One great strategy for teaching your child to make new friends skills is to use the 5 senses. Here's how it works.

Seven Keys for Helping Grow Your Child's Emotional Resilience

Many parents hope their child grows into an emotionally healthy adult. Here are seven keys for developing your child's emotional well-being and resilience.

Make a Friendship Bracelet

Make a friendship bracelet with your child this Mother's Day or the next time she is looking for a fun project to do!

Helping Your Kindergartener Make Friends

When friends don't come easily, some children get discouraged and their previous excitement about kindergarten turns into anxiety. Here's how parents can help.

Making New Friends

Being by yourself is nice and peaceful, but think about all the things that are better with two or more: board games, banana splits, and roller-coaster rides.

Create a Best Friend Collage Jar!

Delight your second grader (and his best friend!) by showing him how to make a friendship collage jar project for someone special this holiday season.

Family and Friends

Help your preschooler learn the difference between family and friends with this community and cultures worksheet.

Nobody Likes Me: Helping Children Make Friends

You want to protect your child and you want to ensure that he has plenty of friends. Here are some tools he needs to be social and to be a good friend.

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