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How I Got My Kid to Pick Up a Pen

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Create a Lipogram

Challenge your child to create a lipogram, or a piece of writing that omits one specific letter. This activity strengthens writing and language skills.

Create a Found Poem

Found poetry is a great exercise for kids to practice seeing the beauty and humor in ordinary, everyday language.

Write Mythological Mad Libs

Help your child put a new spin on her favorite myth by turning it into a mad lib! Guaranteed to bring the giggles, this fun activity also packs in the learning.

CD Review

Make a deal with your teen: You'll buy her that new album on iTunes if she listens to it all the way through...and then writes a thoughtful review on it.

Write Oulipo N+7

Meant to be fun and inspiring, Oulipo N+7 challenges writers to create new writing, use language and enriches vocabulary, spelling and critical thinking.

Roving Reporter

Here's how teens can produce an audio guide of an exhibit, field trip, or ballgame, confess their thoughts in an audio diary or record a letter to a friend.

Practice Paint Sample Storytelling

In this cooler-than-average writing activity, your child uses paint chips and words to write a story!

Make Your Own Zine

Foster your high schooler's passion for her favorite topic and bolster reading and writing skills by helping her create this self-published zine!

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