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Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Kids

Great activities you and your kids can do outdoors to blow off some much-needed steam!
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Explore Memory Pathways

Improve your child's memory, focus, and concentration with this outdoor group memory game. For 4th grade, 5th grade, and middle school age children.

Homemade Slip and Slide

Looking for hot weather fun? Cool the kids down with a homemade slip and slide! You can create your own water park atmosphere for just a few bucks.

Practice Hula Hoop Times Tables!

Help your child practice multiplication tables with this mental and physical multitasking game that uses a hula hoop to get into the swing of things.

Play Twist 'N Turn!

Here's Twist 'N Turn: let your preschooler or pre-kindergartener be outside and active while learning about shapes, colors, directions, and word recognition.

Play Builders and Bulldozers

Help your child stay physically and mentally active with this group aerobic fitness game that's good for the heart and mind alike.

Number Leap Frog

In this leap frog activity, your child will use her muscles to jump over her friends and onto lily pads as she practices number recognition.

Picture This! An Outdoor Game

This outdoor game will help your child practice observational skills and visual identification while working in some exercise, too!

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