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Rainy Day Games for Bored Kids

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Ring the Bottle: A Math Carnival Game

Nothing chases the blues away like a trip to the boardwalk. Bring the fun home with this do-it-yourself version that sneaks in some math practice.

Home Bowling Alley

This simple preschool bowling game improves eye-hand coordination and visual tracking. All you need are some empty bottles to get started.

Host a Magazine Scavenger Hunt!

It's easy to turn old magazines into a fast-and-furious finding game that's both fun and educational for kids.

Shipshape: An Indoor Game

This is a great activity for when the kids get a little stir crazy. It works indoors or out.

Play Mancala

Help your third grader craft a homemade version of this classic strategy game, using just an old egg carton and a few beads!

Paper Football

Take paper football to the next level by creating a "field" with objects from around the house. A great indoor and rainy-day activity.

Cat and Mouse Game

Are you looking for an easy-to-play, fun game? Try Cat and Mouse. All you need is a large bed sheet or tablecloth, a "cat" and a "mouse", and you're all set.

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