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Under the Sea!

Under the Sea themed activities and worksheets worthy of King Triton himself. Ok...maybe not...but they're still pretty awesome :)
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Octopus Mobile

Create a giant octopus from cardboard that holds onto a sea of creatures from its giant tentacles!

Rainbow Fish Collage

Turn the beloved book The Rainbow Fish into an opportunity to create something truly colorful.

Make Salty Sea Creature Paintings

Make a unique painting while learning about sea life.

Craft an Underwater Viewer!

Help your preschooler practice observing and experimenting with this exciting activity where she'll get to examine objects below the water's surface!

Blowfish Coloring Page

This blowfish coloring page features this unique creature that protects itself by sucking water into its stomach and expanding into a huge spherical shape.

Make a Paper Plate Porthole

Ignite your kindergartener's love of adventure and learning with an imaginary trip under the sea.

Under the Sea: Color the Sea Creatures

Packed with cute dolphins, fish, jellyfish, and more, this under the sea-themed coloring page is sure to make a splash with little ocean lovers.

Make a Shell Craft Treasure Box

Invite your kindergarten marine biologist to practice in scientific identification and categorization while she creates a lovely treasure box.

Play the Fish for Numbers Game!

Is your kid struggling with number recognition? Here's a great way to go fishing for numbers that will feel more like play than counting practice.

Clownfish Coloring Page

Take a trip under the sea with this fun clownfish coloring page. It features a couple of silly fish having a blast beneath the waves.

Leaping Dolphins Coloring Page

Come out on the ocean with this fun coloring page featuring two jumping dolphins!

Create an Ocean in a Bottle

Kids are sure to be entranced by the magic of the ocean when they create their very own ocean in a bottle.

Octopus Coloring Page

Coloring this adorable octopus coloring page is sure to brighten your preschooler's day.

Humpback Whale Coloring Page

This humpack whale coloring page features a serene underwater scene.

Octopus Sculpture

This creative art project lets kids explore the wonder of sea creatures while putting their ingenuity and problem solving skills to use.

Seahorse Coloring Page

This realistic coloring page features a seahorse taking a break, happily blowing bubbles as he sways in the water.

Paper Plate Crab

Your kindergartener will have a blast developing his fine motor skills and working on shape recognition with this bright and cheery crab decoration.

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