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Sight words practice 2

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"Here Comes Santa Claus" Lyrics

Help your child learn the words to a classic Christmas song, "Here Comes Santa Claus", and have fun coloring at the same time!

Color the Spring Ducks

Happy swimming ducks and a sunning turtle fill the scene in this cheerful spring coloring page. Let your kids color away--it's sure to brighten their day!

Color the Fishing Bear

Celebrate wild bears with your kids with this cool coloring page featuring a wild bear about to dine on a freshly caught salmon.

Color the Hunting Shark

Ignite your child's interest in ocean life with a coloring page featuring a mighty great white shark.

Fawn-Footed Melomys Coloring Page

What's a Fawn-footed Melomys? It's a long name for a cute kind of rodent, that's featured on this coloring page!

Delaware State Bird

Learn all about Delaware's state bird, the Blue Hen Chicken.

Matching Shapes: 3D to 2D

Help your child practice his spatial perception with this printable worksheet, which asks him to translate three dimensional shapes into two dimensions.

Joan Baez Coloring Page

Get to know famed folk-singer, songwriter and activist Joan Baez with this coloring page in her honor!

Complete the Heart Maze!

Get your first grader into the Valentine's Day spirit by challenging him to complete this heart shaped maze!

Shopping with Place Value

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will learn about place value, practice reading whole numbers, and learn about shopping within a budget.

Maracas Coloring Page

The maracas are a percussion instrument that anyone can play! Enjoy a musical instruments coloring page with your child.

Rectangle Shapes

Here's a worksheet that injects some active fun into learning about shapes. Kids get to get up and search for things around the house shaped like rectangles.

Locations, Locations! Top and Bottom

Help your first grader get a handle on pre-geometry terms with this fun, colorful locations worksheet.

Use of Punctuation Marks

Can your first grader read Joey's passage about summer camp, and then add in the appropriate punctuation marks?

Punctuation Marks

Can your first grader read Susie's letter from summer camp, and then add in the correct punctuation marks?

Story Comprehension: Drawing Conclusions

Help your beginning reader boost her reading comprehension by figuring out what happened next in three different story lines.

Alphabetical Names

Give your child practice with the alphabet with this printable worksheet that's all about ordering names alphabetically.

Vocabulary Practice Test

Help your first grader prepare for her next spelling test with this vocabulary practice test.

Valentine's Day Spelling

Have fun building vocabulary and learning how to spell with these Valentine's Day words! Choose which word is spelled correctly in each group.

Write the Sight Words: "Any"

Help your child learn the sight word "any" with this printable phonics worksheet.

Computer Word Search

Though your child may know more about computers than you do, give him a fun activity where he can learn computer-themed words with a word search!

Words That Begin With "I"

Indiana the iguana needs a little help with the letter "I". Your little reader will get some great practice with sight words.

Write the Sight Words: "Going"

Help your child learn the sight word "going" with this printable phonics worksheet.

Write the Sight Words: "Thank"

Looking for a phonics worksheet to help your child with sight words? This printable will give him practice with the word "thank".

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