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Do High-Wattage Microwaves Cook Faster?

Explore the wattage of microwaves in relevance to cooking time.

Brown Bananas

In this science fair project, find out about the oxidation process in bananas and whether the addition of vitamin c can inhibit oxidation.

Plant Respiration

Learn how to test for the production of carbon dioxide by respiration in plants with this science fair project.

Rockets! How Can We Change the Speed of a Rocket?

Check out this fun middle school science fair project idea on Newton's third law of motion and how you can change the speed of a rocket.

Energy From Garbage: How to Make Biogas

It's not actually that hard to get energy from garbage! Kids learn how to make biogas in the form of methane with this cool and easy science fair project idea.

Ripening Fruit

Research fruits and their ripening stages, follow and document the different stages. Analyze what causes fruit to continue ripening after being picked.

Hot Box: What is the Greenhouse Effect?

Learn how to make a model greenhouse, a structure designed to provide a protected, controlled environment for raising plants indoors.

Be a Detective! Is it a Physical or a Chemical Change?

Get a cool middle school chemistry project idea on how to determine whether a physical or a chemical change has taken place.

Bubbly Plants

Free science fair project idea examining how different types of water affect plant germination and growth.

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