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Activity Placemat

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Make a Name Puzzle

Help your child understand that letters, put in a certain order, make words. In this fun activity she'll get to make her own puzzle, and practice letters, too!

Animal Alphabet Placemat

Learn the letters of the alphabet and the names of animals that begin with each letter. Then add color and turn this worksheet into a placemat!

Farm Activity Placemat

Find the differences between the two pictures, match the animal with the sound it makes, and think about what your favorite farm animal is.

Dragon Activity Placemat

Color and name this dragon and create a story about how you met and the adventures you've gone on together. Then turn the picture into a unique placemat.

Pizza Activity Placemat

Circle all of the toppings that you would find on a pizza then create your own pizza. Turn it into a delicious placemat when you're done!

Count the Fruit Activity Placemat

Color in the pictures of the fruits and numbers to create a fun and educational placemat.

Fire Truck Activity Placemat

Color the picture of the fire truck and the Dalmatian then use scissors and tape to turn the worksheet into a placemat.

Circus Activity Placemat

Can you find the ten vegetables hidden in the picture of the circus? When you're finished, color the picture and turn it into a colorful placemat.

Four Seasons Activity Placemat

Write down the name of each season that is shown in the pictures then color them and turn this worksheet into a unique placemat that can be used year-round!

Fruit and Vegetable Alphabet Activity Placemat

Learn the alphabet and the names of delicious vegetables that begin with each letter by completing this coloring activity that can also be used as a placemat!

Name Activity Placemat

Color in the letters then write your name in the space reserved. Then turn the worksheet into a placemat that will not be mistaken for anyone's but yours!

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