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Alphabit maze

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Letter "A" Maze

Brush up on those ABC's with a fun maze through the letter "A"! Help the ants march through the maze and get to the apples.

B Maze

Be amazed! It's a maze in the shape of the letter B!

D Maze

Do you know what I see? I spy a maze in the shape of the letter d! Find your way through this maze to help the dog dig to the other side of the door.

E Maze

Eeek! Don't try and get in the way of this eagle and her eggs! Complete the E-shaped maze to help this eagle get home.

F Maze

This fox has a long way to get home! Complete the F-shaped maze to help this forest animal finish his journey.

G Maze

Going somewhere? Get this goose to his grapes by completing this G-shaped maze.

H Maze

What do we have here? A maze shaped like the letter H and a hen who needs help climbing a hill? Sounds like fun!

J Maze

Can you help this jaguar get home? He's lost and only a maze expert can help him find his way through this J maze!

X Maze

Captain X has a treasure map, but he accidentally lost it! Can you help this silly pirate find his map by completing this X-shaped maze?

Y Maze

It's dinner time, but this poor yak can't remember where he put his yams. Help the yam find his dinner by completing this Y-shaped maze.

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