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Alphabit maze

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K Maze

This koala's kite flew far, far away! Help the koala get through the K-shaped maze to find his kite.

Letter "L" Maze

This llama got lost on his way to the lake. Do you think you can help him find his way through this L-shaped maze?

Letter "M" Maze

There's nothing a mouse likes more than a tasy muffin! Help this cute critter get through the M-shaped maze so he can enjoy his snack.

N Maze

This narwhal is going to have a really bad day if he accidentally swims into a net. Help him avoid the nets by finding a way through this N-shaped maze.

Letter "O" Maze

Flying can be hard sometimes. Help the owl fly over and around the colorful oak tree in this O-shaped maze.

P Maze

Patty the parrot wants a snack -- can you help her? Find your way through the P-shaped maze to feed Patty some tasty plums.

Q Maze

Even queens can get a little cold! Can you help this queen find her warm quilt by finishing the Q-shaped maze?

R Maze

Did you know rabbits like raddishes? Well, this rabbit does! Help him find his way to his yummy dinner by completing this R-shaped maze.

S Maze

Squirrels get cold without their cozy scarves! Can you help this squirrel find his scarf and stay warm by completing this S-shaped maze?

T Maze

If this slow turtle doesn't hurry up, he might miss his taxi! Help him catch the taxi by completing this T-shaped maze.

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