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Alphabit maze

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C Maze

This silly cat can't seem to find her can of food! Help her find her way through this C-shaped maze so she can eat her dinner.

I Maze

This iguana won't make it back to his island home unless someone helps him through this I-shaped maze. Watch out for wrong turns, obstacles and crocodiles!

U Maze

Magical unicorns don't really like to get wet. Help this unicorn avoid the rain by getting him through the U-shaped maze and to his umbrella.

V Maze

Follow the vine down and up this V-shaped maze to find a colorful and delicious pile of vegetables. What's your favorite vegetable?

W Maze

It's lunch time, but this worm is far away from his watermelon meal! Help him find his way through this W-shaped maze so he can start eating.

Z Maze

Poor zebra! He took a walk, but now he doesn't know how to get back to the zoo! Help him find his way home through this Z-shaped maze.

Alphabet Train

All aboard! Let's chug through the alphabet, learning beginning sounds of words. It's a great way to give your preschooler some early language skills.

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