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P is for Platypus

P is for platypus, and it's also for preschooler. This series of alphabet coloring sheets is perfect for teaching letter recognition to your little one.

O is for Otter

Help your preschooler's pre-literacy practice as he colors in this adorable otter and names things that start with O.

N is for Newt

N is the 14th letter of the alphabet, which means that you're more than halfway from A to Z! Color in this newt, an amphibian that lives in the water.

M is for Manatee

Continue through this alphabet animals series with the letter M for manatee, the strangest combination of cuddly and awkward the sea has ever seen.

L is for Lion

Your little learner will love this lesson in literacy! It's L for Lion, the king of the jungle. Ask your preschooler to try to say words that begin with L.

K is for Koala

Meet the koala, a cute animal that hangs around the Australian countryside. Keep building up your preschooler's vocabulary as she colors her way from A to Z.

J is for Jellyfish

Color from A to Z with this fun alphabet animals series. Try J for jellyfish, teaching your child to recognize letters and form the building blocks of reading.

I is for Iguana

Teach your child letter recognition and pre-literacy skills with this series of alphabet animals coloring pages. I is for the intriguing iguana.

H is for Hippopotamus

Letter recognition practice never looked so happy! H is for hippopotamus on this printable, discover the rest of the animals in this alphabet series.

G is for Grasshopper

Hop on up to this alphabet series, where G is for grasshopper, A is for armadillo, and the letters all introduce an animal!

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