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C is for Caterpillar

C is for caterpillar on this alphabet coloring page. Can you and your child come up with other animals' names that start with C?

D is for Dolphin

D is for dolphin on this worksheet. Dive in to this coloring page series of alphabet animals from A to Z!

Y is for Yak

Y is for Yak, and it means you are almost done! Keep building that vocabulary as you make it to the end of the alphabet.

X is for X-Ray Fish

Have you heard of the X-ray fish? It's a fish that's see-through. What kid wouldn't love that? Color the fish however you want!

Q is for Quail

Help your preschooler build her pre-literacy skills and let her color at the same time! Try out this Q is for Quail worksheet.

R is for Rhinoceros

Keep growing those early reading skills with a fun animal words worksheet. Teach your preschooler about the letter R and the fascinating rhinoceros.

T is for Turtle

Help your preschooler learn the letter T while coloring in this cute turtle. Help build your child's vocabulary by naming things that start with T!

U is for Urchin

Meet the spikiest creature in the sea, the urchin! Have your preschooler color in the page, say urchin out loud, and try saying more words that start with U!

V is for Vulture

V is for vulture in this alphabet animals series. Color in this feisty bird flying across the sky while learning the letter V.

Z is for Zebra

Z is for Zebra, and it also means your child made it to the end of the alphabet. Have fun coloring this page; you've earned it!

P is for Platypus

P is for platypus, and it's also for preschooler. This series of alphabet coloring sheets is perfect for teaching letter recognition to your little one.

O is for Otter

Help your preschooler's pre-literacy practice as he colors in this adorable otter and names things that start with O.

N is for Newt

N is the 14th letter of the alphabet, which means that you're more than halfway from A to Z! Color in this newt, an amphibian that lives in the water.

M is for Manatee

Continue through this alphabet animals series with the letter M for manatee, the strangest combination of cuddly and awkward the sea has ever seen.

L is for Lion

Your little learner will love this lesson in literacy! It's L for Lion, the king of the jungle. Ask your preschooler to try to say words that begin with L.

K is for Koala

Meet the koala, a cute animal that hangs around the Australian countryside. Keep building up your preschooler's vocabulary as she colors her way from A to Z.

J is for Jellyfish

Color from A to Z with this fun alphabet animals series. Try J for jellyfish, teaching your child to recognize letters and form the building blocks of reading.

I is for Iguana

Teach your child letter recognition and pre-literacy skills with this series of alphabet animals coloring pages. I is for the intriguing iguana.

H is for Hippopotamus

Letter recognition practice never looked so happy! H is for hippopotamus on this printable, discover the rest of the animals in this alphabet series.

G is for Grasshopper

Hop on up to this alphabet series, where G is for grasshopper, A is for armadillo, and the letters all introduce an animal!

A is for Armadillo

A is for armadillo in this coloring page! Follow the alphabet from armadillo to zebra with this cute and simple coloring page series.

B is for Bat

B is for bat on this alphabet page! Go through an animal alphabet, where your child can read and color in big bold letters and build her animal vocabulary.

E is for Elephant

E is for elephant, egret, excellent, ... what else can your child think of? She can think about it as she colors in the picture.

F is for Flamingo

Flapping flamingos F is for flamingo! The alphabet takes flight with this series of animal ABCs.

S is for Seahorse

S is for seahorse in this alphabet worksheet. Focus on teaching your preschooler letters to get him started understanding words and eventually reading.

W is for Walrus

Where would we be without the wonderful letter W? Your child can learn it here and use it for years. Color in the walrus as you move along through the alphabet.

Primary Color Practice: Yellow

A coloring sheet for preschoolers about primary colors and the color yellow.

The Color Yellow

Kids practice a range of skills as they write their names, trace words and color in yellow, and cut out book pages on this preschool and kindergarten worksheet.

The Color Orange

Is orange a color or a delicious fruit? Learn all about the color orange with a fun project, where your child can create her own color book!

Orange Things

Help your preschooler practice her color recognition along with her fine motor skills by learning all about the color orange!

What Are the Primary Colors?

What are the primary colors? Does your child know? This fun exercise provides good practice for writing the names of and using the primary colors.

The Color Blue

What color is the sky or the ocean? Learn about the color blue with a fun project, where your child can create her own color book!

Primary Blue

A coloring sheet about primary colors and the color blue.

Primary Red

A coloring sheet for preschoolers and toddlers on primary colors. This one helps children learn about the primary color red.

Things That Are Black

You child will practice her shape recognition and her fine motor skills with this fun worksheet.

Writing Colors: Black

Break out the black crayons! On this prekindergarten writing and coloring worksheet, kids see black objects, trace and write "black," and color with black.

Write & Color: Red

Round up the red crayons! On this prekindergarten writing and coloring worksheet, kids view red objects, trace and write the word "red," and color red objects.

Things That Are Red

Learn about the color red and practice those important color recognition skills with this red-hot exercise!

The Color Green: Learning About Color

What kind of things are the color green? This worksheet asks your child to circle the green objects--helping him with his matching and color recognition skills.

Things That Are Green

Learn about the color green and help your preschooler practice her fine motor skills with this fun worksheet!

The Color Green

Kids practice a range of skills as they write their names, trace words and color in green, and cut out book pages on this preschool and kindergarten worksheet.

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