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Let's Go Shopping!: Pets

A counting worksheet for preschoolers, featuring different kinds of pets

Let's Go Shopping!: Toy Plane

This is a simple counting worksheet, focusing on addition and subtraction for preschoolers.

Let's Go Shopping!: Rocking Horse

A counting worksheet for preschoolers featuring a toy rocking horse.

Counting Money: Piggy Bank

This worksheet features a piggy bank and is a fun, familiar way to help preschoolers begin counting money.

Let's Go Shopping!: Tools

A coin-counting worksheet for preschoolers featuring a set of tools.

Dime Coloring Page

Help get your child started on the road to coin recognition with this dime coloring page.

Dollar Coloring Page

Help your child begin to recognize the dollar and its value with this dollar coloring page.

Five Dollar Bill Coloring Page

Meet Mr. Lincoln in his most enduring form: the five-dollar bill!

Quarter Coloring Page

This quarter coloring page is a blast for kids to color in, and can also be turned into a money math lesson on the fly.

Learn the Coins: Coin Matching

Practice coin recognition with this fun matching worksheet. Can your child figure out the name of each coin?

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