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Subtraction in the Air #22

Want to give your child a little at-home math practice? Adorned with airy clouds and a space shuttle, this worksheet lets kids practice two-digit subtraction.

Diphthongs: "ou"

Help your child learn about diphthongs with a colorful worksheet! He'll get to know gliding vowel combinations, like "OU", with a fun word search.

Why Does It Rain?

Without rain, we wouldn't have any puddles to splash and stomp in. Does your third grader know why and how rain falls from the clouds?

Water Cycle: Precipitation

Start from water cycle precipitation from clouds and match parts of the cycle to this clear colorful image of a simple water cycle, using the helpful paragraph.

Water Cycle Diagram

How do clouds form? Why does it rain? Help your student answer some of these questions by completing this water cycle worksheet.

Stratocumulus Cloud

Meet the stratocumulus cloud, the kind of cloud that tend to gather in groups when a storm is on the way.

Cirrocumulus Cloud

Learn your clouds with this coloring series of cloud types that merges science with coloring fun.

Altocumulus Cloud

This page presents the altocumulus cloud, the kind of cloud that often comes before a thunderstorm.

Stratus Clouds

Meet the stratus cloud, a low-hanging kind of cloud that usually comes out when it rains, in this earth science worksheet.

Altostratus Cloud

Meet the altostratus cloud, a thin cloud that sometimes makes rain, in this earth sceince worksheet.

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