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Candied Rose Petals

Follow this Colonial recipe for candied rose petals, and share the sweets with friends, family or classmates.

Historical Heroes: Benjamin Franklin

Help your child learn more about famous American, Benjamin Franklin.

Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence

Learn more about the most famous document in the United States' history, and the even more famous man behind it.

Revolutionary War Game

Be active while learning about American history with this twist on the classic running game "Capture the Flag."

Bake Colonial Pumpkin Pie

Take a stab at 18th century American cooking with your kids by following this tasty recipe from the first colonial cookbook.

The Midnight Ride Game

Outrun the British in this race across the Massachusetts countryside that's based on the ride that sparked the American Revolution.

Trace the "Steps" to the American Revolution

Help your kid keep track of all the developments that led to the American Revolution, by portraying the steps visually and literally!

History in the Kitchen: Civil War Cornbread

Give your child a taste of life in Civil War era America by mixing up a batch of old-fashioned cornbread, adapted from a 19th century recipe.

Civil War Hardtack

Have you ever taken a bag of snacks with you on a road trip? If you lived in the 19th century, you might have taken hardtack instead.

History Paper Dolls: Civil War Soldiers

Make learning history fun with these paper dolls, representing soldiers from the Civil War.

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