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Subject and Predicate Worksheet

This subject and predicate worksheet challenges kids to find the subjects and predicates in text. Use this subject and predicate worksheet with your child.

Quincy's Place Value

For each two-digit number on this first grade math worksheet, kids determine the place value of each digit, then write each digit in the tens or ones column.

To the Ten: Rounding Numbers

Help your first grader practice his math skills with this printable worksheet, which will give him practice rounding to the nearest ten.

Thanksgiving Addition #4

Prepare for an addition feast! Your child will practice her addition facts, simple one-digit addition equations.

Thanksgiving Addition #5

Gobble gobble, get ready for some Thanksgiving addition problems! Your child can practice her addition facts with these simple one-digit equations.

Thanksgiving Subtraction

Your first grader will get into the spirit of the Thanksgiving season as she works on these festive subtraction problems.

Subtraction: Falling Apples

For each problem on this worksheet, kids subtract single-digit numbers to see how many apples are left after someone has had a tasty snack.

How Much Does it Cost? #3

Let's take a trip to the store! Your little helper will use his knowledge of coins and dollar amounts to figure out how much each item costs.

Counting Pennies

Kids learn the appearance and value of pennies, count pennies, and write the number of cents for the pennies on this first grade math worksheet.

Counting Coins: Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes

Pennies, nickels, and dimes, oh my! Your child will practice identifying and adding coins in this first grade worksheet.

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