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Telling Time with Ricky Racer

Kids help Ricky the Racer keep time by counting by 5 and filling in the five-minute intervals around the clock.

Time Goes By: Calculate Elapsed Time #1

For kids who already have a handle on telling time, this worksheet poses a new challenge: for each problem, can your child figure out how much time has gone by?

Telling Time with Punctual Pete

Kids help Pete the Elephant learn how to tell time by marking the time shown on each clock.

Clock Work #1

Tick-tock, it's time to learn about clocks! Here's a fun activity that lets your second grader practice telling time.

Telling Time on the Quarter Hour: Match It

This worksheet serves up plenty of time practice for kids who need that extra nudge.

Time 2 Tell Time 4

Help your second grader decrypt the time expressed on each analog clock, and draw a line to a digital clock set on the same time.

Comparing Numbers: Less Than

Make the math concept "less than" more clear with a colorful worksheet that gets him practicing with number comparisons to make each equation true.

Bar Graphs: Favorite Season

Which season of the year is the best? Get your student ready for graphing with this fun bar graph worksheet!

Sue's Pie Graph

Give your second grader a fun way to practice reading and using graphs, as well as practice basic arithmetic, with this quiz-style graph worksheet.

Math Ninja

Addition gets a hand-up with this math ninja worksheet; part of a set of ninja themed two-digit arithmetic printables!

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