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Grammar Story: Pete and Pat

Read a story about best friends Pete and Pat, circling the correct verbs and nouns as you go.

Get into Grammar: Spot the Verbs

Help your first grader overcome her grammar gripes with this verb-filled worksheet. She'll practice identifying the verbs in a page chock-full of sentences!

Noun Town #8

Visitors in Noun Town are always welcome for fun practice with grammar! Young writers can learn to identify and use nouns in sentences.

Sensory Description Match-Up

Kids practice using sensory words as they match up each description with the sense that best fits. In the process, they get great writing practice, too

Get into Grammar: Select the Subject

This first grade grammar worksheet helps your first grader get acquainted with picking the right subject--in singular or plural form.

Get into Grammar: Make a Singular/Plural List

Get your first grader practicing with singular and plural subjects with this fun worksheet.

Get into Grammar: Plural Nouns

This plural noun grammar worksheet is colorful and entertaining, so your first grader won't mind exercising his plural noun know-how!

Get into Grammar: Past Tense

Ask your first grader to practice converting sentences to past tense, giving him valuable practice with the past verb tense.

Let's Get Writing: The Beach

Give your child practice with his writing skills with this printable worksheet that asks your child to describe what he likes to do at the beach.

Let's Get Writing: Dreams

Help your child improve his skills with sentence building with this printable worksheet.

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