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CindyDiLeo's Summer Reading List - 2013

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100 Cupboards

Twelve-year-old Henry York is sent to live on his aunt and uncle's farm when his parents go missing. When strange noises are heard behind his bedroom wall, Henry scratches off the plaster to find ninety-nine mysterious cupboards. But when his cousin goes missing, can Henry figure out how to get her back? This sometimes spooky, sometimes scary, and ultimately pitch-perfect adventure will leave kids biting their nails and begging for more.

A Whole Nother Story

Mr. Cheeseman, his three relatively odor-free children, a psychic hairless dog, and a sock puppet named Steve are on the run. Why? Because Mr. Cheeseman invented a time machine, of course. Now they're being chased by international super spies, top secret government agents, and a genius monkey.


For eleven-year-old Polly Peabody's entire life, it has rained at exactly one o'clock every Monday afternoon on her family's magical rhubarb farm, until one Monday, when it stops. Polly has to figure out how everything is connected and make it rain before her beloved Aunt Edith sells the farm. She has help from the farm itself, in the form of the plants and insects. But is it enough, and more importantly - is there enough time?

The City of Ember

In the underground city of Ember, the only "daylight" is produced by a fleet of floodlamps that tower above the streets. When the lights go out, the government insists all is well, but two 12-year-olds suspect otherwise. Full of action, and the excitement of growing up.

The Candymakers

For kids curious about how candy is made, this book wraps up the answers in a story as colorful, wacky and engrossing as eating a piece of saltwater taffy. At the surface it's about four kids competing for the glory of making a brand new candy, but below that you can find more in the mix.

May B.

A daughter of the Kansas prairie, Mavis Betterly grew up in rough frontier conditions. Stranded alone in a run-down sod house, she must face a harsh winter by herself. Join May as she braves the unsettled plains of nineteenth century America, and battles her own inner struggles with loneliness and dyslexia.

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