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San Francisco History

This worksheet contains a time line, word search, test question, and coloring activity to help expand your knowledge of San Francisco history.

History of Montgomery

Welcome to Montgomery, Alabama! Learn all about this history-rich city with a fun info sheet that includes a word search, timeline and a quiz question.

History of Nashville

Give your child a fun geography worksheet all about Nashville! He'll complete a word search and learn some fun facts about this city.

History of Portland

Did you know Portland is the second largest city on the West coast? Teach your child about the history of Portland, Oregon with this fun sheet!

The Great Seal of the United States

Learn about the Great Seal of the United States with this awesome info sheet! Your child will read a passage about the different symbols on the seal.

History of Austin

How much do you know about the capital of Texas? Learn about the history of Austin with a fun page, including a word search, drawing and a timeline.

History of Dallas

Did you know Dallas is home to the largest airport in the U.S.? Teach your child about the history of Dallas with this fun worksheet.

Jamestown Colony

Sail back in time to Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America, with this fun, fact-filled worksheet.

Don't Tread On Me Flag

Teach your student a bit about how our country was formed with this worksheet about the Gadsden Flag.

History of Chicago

Did you know the city of Chicago got its name from a Native American word? Learn more about the Windy City with this awesome history worksheet

Freedom Trail, Boston

Check out this awesome history sheet featuring the Freedom Trail, a historical walk in Boston.

History of Las Vegas

Did you know Las Vegas is actually a Spanish phrase meaning "the meadows"? Teach your child about the history of Las Vegas with this fun worksheet.

National Treasures: The Star-Spangled Banner

Learn more about a patriotic piece of history with this informational page on the original Star-Spangled Banner.

Know Your Planets: Saturn

Did you know that 763 Earths could fit inside Saturn? Learn more fun facts about Saturn on this fun science printable.

History of Washington DC

Is Washington DC a U.S. state or a city? Find out about our nation's capital with this fun, informative history worksheet.

National Library of Congress

Learn more about America's biggest and best library with this social studies worksheet.

Fill in States Map

Kids use their knowledge of geography to fill in the missing U.S. state names on this third grade social studies worksheet.

History of Baltimore

Did you know that Babe Ruth was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland? Teach your child about the history of Baltimore with this fun worksheet.

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