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Multiplication Color by Number: Doll 4

Give your third grader this charming math worksheet, and watch his interest in multiplication skyrocket!

Multiplication Color by Number: Doll 3

Boost your third grader's multiplication skills with a little color-by-number entertainment!

Multiplication Color by Number: Doll 2

If your third grader has a penchant for coloring, but is in need of some major multiplication practice, you've come to the right place!

Multiplication Color by Number: Doll 1

If your third grader isn't wild about practicing multiplication, surprise her with this adorable worksheet!

Multiplication Color By Number Parrots

Multiplication can be fun when there's coloring involved! With a handful of crayons, watch your little mathematician master his times tables.

Multiplication Color By Number Lovebirds

Bring together math and art with this multiplication color by number! Your math star can practice his times tables as he colors these lovebirds.

Multiplication Color by Number Butterfly

Solve these math equations and color the lovely butterfly's wings, using the helpful coloring guide

Multiplication Color by Number: Gumballs

Watch your child solve these math questions and color in this sheet by following the color guide. What a sweet way to learn!

Multiplication Color by Number: Cake

In this color by number, kids practice their times tables as they color the cake.

Multiplication Color by Number Chameleon

Oh no, this chameleon is missing his vivid colors! Help your little one brighten up this lizard's scales by answering these simple multiplication equations.

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