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Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade Science Activities

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Building Up the Fizz in Soda

Examine the effect of pressure on carbonation in soda.

Discovering and Sorting Seeds in Fruits and Vegetables

In this project children discover, identify, and sort seeds from a variety of fruits and vegetables

The Ghost in the Tube

In this science fair project, you'll make a "ghost" appear in a test tube, and learn about what happens when hot water and cold water interact.

Layers Upon Layers: Testing How Objects Interact with Liquids

In this science fair project, students test how objects float and sink in liquids of different densities.

The Role of Fat in Food

This science experiment examines the role of fat in food, especially in making bread rise and whipping cream.

How Does Water Travel Up the Root of a Plant?

This science fair project explores how osmotic pressure forces water through the root up into the plant.

Water and Mosses

This science fair project will help students learn about non-vascular plants, such as mosses.

Anti-Gravity Water

This science fair project idea creates an air pressure differential and explores various differentials using varying materials.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

This science fair project idea explores how the shape of a boat affects its density and how much weight it can float.

Soda Eruption

This science fair project what causes a soda eruption and what kinds of candy create this effect?

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