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Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade Science Activities

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Which has the most sugar: Fruit Juice, Fresh Squeezed Fruit Juice, Organic Fruit Juice, or Soda?

This science fair project idea determines how much sugar is in each type of drink.

Soap Science

This science fair idea project identifies the active ingredients in soap and experiments with the properties of soap.

Examining Mass And Density Of Popped And Unpopped Popcorn

This science fair project idea compares the mass and density of objects.

Potato Chip Science: How Greasy Are Your Potato Chips?

How greasy are your potato chips? Students will use a reliable method to quantify greasiness and compare different brands in this great science fair project.

Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions Experiment

Learn about endothermic and exothermic reactions and energy exchange by experimenting with temperature change in chemical reactions.

Can Earthworms be Used to Recycle Kitchen Wastes into Fertile Garden Soil?

This project tests the feasibility of earthworms as a means of recycling kitchen waste into fertile garden soil.

How Does Smell Affect Taste?

How does smell affect taste? Ready your taste buds--in this project, you'll gather some test subjects and do a taste test to see how much smell affects taste.

The Mohs Test: How to Compare the Hardness of Minerals

This science project uses Mohsâ Hardness Test to show kids how to compare the hardness of different types of minerals.

Color and Emotion Perception

This science fair project idea explores whether there is a connection to the color a person wears and the way their emotional state is perceived by others.

Defying Gravity

This science fair project idea investigates how magnetism can defy the force of gravity.

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