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New Orleans Cuisine

Yum, something smells good! Introduce your child to the wild flavors of New Orleans cuisine with this food map.

New England Cuisine

What kinds of flavors can you find in New England? Give your child a fun way to study geography, with this food map coloring page!

New York Cuisine

New York is full of unique flavors and specific styles of traditional food! Learn all about it with this food map.

Southern Food Map

Give your little foodie a tiny taste of popular Southern food with a food map full of some classic dishes, including chili and barbecue ribs!

Northwestern Cuisine

Get a taste of Northwestern U.S. cuisine with this fun food map! Your child can learn a few popular dishes from the northwestern states.

Cuisine of Hawaii

Get acquainted with some of Hawaii's most famous foods with this fun food map! Color in pineapples, poi and more.

Cuisine of California

Learn a bit about the cuisine of California with a fun food map! Your little one can even add some sunny colors to this picture too.

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