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Science Fair Ideas

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Here's To Your Heart

The project determines determine if a sports drink affects the heart rate of a student athlete during exercise.

What Has the Most Vitamin C?

Vitamin C boosts your immune system and your health. The purpose of this science fair project is to determine which fruit juices have the most Vitamin C.

Does Gelatin Slow Down the Melting of Freezer Pops?

This science fair project idea examines whether adding gelatin causes a solid to have a higher melting point and/or melt slower.

Vitamin E is for Exquisite Looking Skin

In this project, the affects of vitamin E are observed on a rose petal.

Does Adding Salt to Pasta make it Cook Faster?

Did you ever add salt to pasta? Did it help cook the pasta faster? If not, find out in this science fair project idea.

Does Mint Actually Cool Things Down?

This science fair project idea explores whether mint, known for its √Ęcooling sensation√Ę really does lower temperatures.

Balancing Act: How does Gravity Affect Balance?

The objective of this science fair project is to experiment with balancing everyday objects and observing the the effects of gravity on materials.

What Direction Should Solar Panels Face?

What direction should solar panels face? It's not the direction you might think! This free and enlightening science fair project helps kids discover the answer.

Doing Forensics with Paper Chromatography!

This science fair project uses paper chromatography to investigate whether black, brown, orange, and purple are pure colors or mixtures of other colors.

How to Stop Soda From Exploding

This science fair project investigates whether tapping the top or the side of the can will stop a vigorously-shaken can of soda from exploding.

Compost Ingredients

The purpose of this science fair project is to determine which conditions and materials quicken the composting process to make the best compost.

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