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Learning the Letter M

Help your child learn to identify the difference between the letter M in uppercase and lowercase with this printable worksheet.

Connect the Dots: Practicing "M"

Searching for a worksheet to help your child learn the letters of the alphabet? This printable will give him practice saying the letter M.

Alphabet Practice: M

Kindergarteners will have a magnificent time mastering the letter M by practicing writing M's then drawing and labeling two objects beginning with M!

Find the Hidden Letter: M

Can you find the hidden letter? Help your child practice recognizing and sounding out the letter M with this kindergarten reading worksheet.

Alphabet Flashcards: M

Moon begins with the letter M! Color in the flashcards featuring the letter M then cut them out and use them to play spelling and memory games.

Find the Letter M: Do You Know the Muffin Man?

How many M's does the Muffin Man have in his nursery rhyme? Kids find and count each letter M in the rhyme on this kindergarten reading worksheet.

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