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Easter Number Fun

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Easter Number Fun #6

The Easter Bunny has hidden colorful eggs all over the backyard! Find them all by putting numbers in the proper order.

Easter Number Fun #12

Add a mathematical challenge to your Easter festivities this year with this pattern worksheet. Your kid will figure out what numbers are missing in the pattern.

Easter Number Fun #9

Let's go on an Easter math hunt! Your beginning counter can practice sequencing numbers from least to greatest.

Easter Number Fun #5

Here's an Easter egg hunt that involves a little counting practice too! Your child will practice sequencing numbers.

Easter Number Fun #3

Looks like the Easter Bunny has paid you a visit! To find all the Easter eggs, your child must fill in the missing numbers in these sequences.

Easter Numbers

Get your Easter eggs in order with this number ordering worksheet. Kids will arrange numbers from big to small or small to big to find a chocolate bunny.

Easter Number Fun #8

What's Easter without some skip counting? Your child will use her knowledge of numbers to finish the patterns in this Easter themed worksheet.

Easter Number Fun #20

Challenge your child will this mathematical pattern worksheet. Your Easter-enthused child will add missing numbers to complete the number pattern.

Easter Number Fun #13

Can your kid find all of the Easter eggs and put the numbers in order from least to greatest? Help your little bunny get some good math practice in this Easter.

Easter Number Fun #16

Is your child an excellent skip counter? Then he'll enjoy the added challenge of figuring out how many numbers he has to skip as he counts.

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