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Thanksgiving Memory Game

This Thanksgiving memory game challenges kids to choose matching holiday-themed images. Play a tasty round or two of this Thanksgiving memory game.

Fruit Matching Game

Test your child's memory skills with a fun match up game! She'll get just a peek at each card, and try to match the pairs from memory.

Make a Match: Toys

Here is a game that is both fun and challenging! Your child will get to practice her memorization with a match-up card game.

Find a Match!

Play a fun memory-testing game with your kid, flipping cards over two at a time to find matching pairs.

Make a Match: Camping

Taking a camping trip soon? Bring along a fun, camping-themed card game that will challenge your child's memory!

Memory Match Game

Build lightning-quick memory skills with a fun construction zone game!

Make a Match: Faces

Give your child a fun way to practice memorization with this Make a Match game, featuring your favorite smiley faces!

Flower Matching Game

Help your child become a master of memorization with this fun matching game!

Christmas Cut-out Game

Stay sharp this winter break with a fun Christmas matching game! Challenge your child to match up the pairs of Christmas items from memory.

Shapes Matching Game

This game will let your child practice naming her shapes and building her memorization skills at the same time!

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