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Underwater Math

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Underwater Subtraction #22

Help your kid practice two-digit subtraction with this water-themed math worksheet. Your child will problem solve alongside a dancing dolphin and gentle waves.

Underwater Subtraction #21

This water-themed math worksheet features a canooer and its canoo alongside two-digit subtraction problems. Try this subtraction worksheet with your child.

Underwater Subtraction #1

Expand your second grader's subtraction skills with this underwater-themed worksheet.

Underwater Subtraction #18

Use this under-water themed worksheet with your young mathematician. This two-digit subtraction worksheet features a baby whale.

Underwater Subtraction #19

Kids practice two-digit subtraction with carrying under the sea in this 2nd grade math worksheet.

Underwater Subtraction #20

Cheer up your usual math routine with this underwater-themed subtraction worksheet. Featuring a sinister-looking alligator, this worksheet is engaging and fun.

Underwater Subtraction #16

Kids will practice two-digit subtraction in this water-themed worksheet. Use this math worksheet, featuring a sailboat, with your little mathematician.

Underwater Subtraction #17

Practice two-digit subtraction with this water-themed math worksheet. Kids will solve subtraction problems among gentle blue waves.

Underwater Subtraction #26

Use this water-themed math worksheet to practice two-digit subtraction. Featuring an egret, this subtraction worksheet is a fun and educational learning tool.

Underwater Subtraction #24

Use this water-themed subtraction worksheet with your little swimmer. Featuring a team of synchronized swimmers, this worksheet is great for summer days.

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