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Underwater Math

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Underwater Subtraction #25

This shark-themed math worksheet is a fun tool for practicing subtraction. This underwater worksheet is fun for 2nd graders working on two-digit subtraction.

Underwater Subtraction #24

Use this water-themed subtraction worksheet with your little swimmer. Featuring a team of synchronized swimmers, this worksheet is great for summer days.

Underwater Subtraction #23

Kids will use their math skills to practice two-digit subtraction in this water-themed worksheet. Gentle waves and a purple submarine are featured on the page.

Underwater Subtraction #4

This colorful, underwater-themed subtraction worksheet has your second grader practicing two-digit subtraction and boosting her mental math ability in style.

Underwater Subtraction #3

Is your second grader bored with the same old math practice? Go under the sea with this colorful subtraction worksheet!

Underwater Subtraction #2

Can your second grader help an outgoing octopus with some two-digit subtraction problems?

Underwater Subtraction #9

Let this colorful crab guide your second grader through two-digit subtraction!

Underwater Subtraction #30

This sea-themed subtraction worksheet is perfect for your budding marine biologist. Try this subtraction worksheet with your child.

Underwater Subtraction #8

This under the sea-themed worksheet boosts your second grader's subtraction skills on land.

Underwater Subtraction #29

In this subtraction worksheet, Mr. Scooba Diver is lost among a group of subtraction problems. Help him out with this undersea subtraction worksheet.

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