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Meal Planning

Build healthy eating habits in your family! This printable meal planning chart is a great way to help kids pay closer attention to what they eat.

Host a Magazine Scavenger Hunt!

It's easy to turn old magazines into a fast-and-furious finding game that's both fun and educational for kids.

Play Mancala

Help your third grader craft a homemade version of this classic strategy game, using just an old egg carton and a few beads!

Celebrate National Receptionists' Day

Color in this page to thank receptionists for their hard work in keeping offices running smoothly.

National Parks: Petrified Forest

This is a forest without trees! Teach your child about the Petrified Forest with this worksheet, and talk about why we protect this colorful piece of land.

National Parks: Grand Canyon

One of the most awesome sights to behold, the Grand Canyon is one of our nation's most famous national parks.

Yosemite National Park

Some of the best hiking and rock climbing in the country can be found in Yosemite. Introduce your child to this beautiful piece of land.

Summer Vacation Coloring: The Lincoln Memorial

Tourists love to visit the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Paper Dolls Around the World: Europe IX

Kids color and cut out a native costume for this paper doll, then guess what country the doll is from. Hint: The capital city is Madrid.

Draw Horrible Homophones

Work on homophones, words that sound the same, and spelling with this imaginative activity!

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